My first Wikipedia page


Some days ago I had the occasion to write my fist contribution for the Wikipedia community (here you can find it).

I wrote about “Giardino dei Ciucioi”, a pensile garden located in my hometown, Lavis.

I chose this topic since I am emotionally bond to the garden and because I find it extremely fascinating. In fact, my grandmother lives nearby the garden and it is a constant memory in my childhood, even if it hadn’t been open to the public for a long time. Moreover, in my hometown, there are a lot of legends about the garden and its ancient owner, Tommaso Bortolotti. For example, some people say that the garden was a place in which Masonic ceremony used to take place and that also in its architecture we can find symbols of the fraternal organisation. Another legend tells that after a lot of years passed constructing the garden, Bortolotti died in the act of attaching a clock on the main façade of the garden. This was supposed to be the last element of the intere building.

These elements also linked to the fact that the garden was recently re-opened to the public and that it is becoming a very important cultural attraction able to foster a sense of affinity and pride in my hometown.

Since the monument and its history are encyclopedic items, my page was accepted and I am thinking about posting it on the Facebook group “Il paese di Lavis”, to encourage people to contribute and enrich with details and curiosities the page and to know more about the garden!


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