UN’Idea journey – Video’ script

Welcome to UN’Idea!

UN’Idea Trento is an online platform created to enhance students’ possibilities to actively participate in the design of UNITN’s cultural and civic life.

But how did we get here?

Everything began in October, when we, Lucia, Stefania and Andrea, met for the first time in a University room. We arrived from very different backgrounds but we soon discovered TO have a common objective: to elaborate a project that could improve the quality of life of UNITN students by giving them more space to express their passions.

We started our project by analyzing better how UNITN managed its cultural offer and what were the existing possibilities for students to actively participate in UNITN extracurricular life.

But the more we investigated the bigger was the muddle. What shall we do? How could we create a really useful tool to give more power to students’ ideas? Brainstorming, readings, comparison with other experiences… sometimes we really couldn’t see a way out and there were moments in which we felt frustrated, useless.

Until, one day, we had our first interview with a young student. Thanks to this encounter we soon understood that to build a useful tool, we would have needed the help and the participation of many people in our research.

So, we started taking contacts with more students. We interviewed them, listening to their perspectives, stories, opinions. We couldn’t be more exited when we saw 14 students arriving to our workshop willing to help and to share with enthusiasm their ideas with us! We also find a way to talk with stakeholders and to start building a bridge between us and administrative offices.

Step by step we got more passionate, we added pieces to the puzzle and finally we got our platform, ready to host students’ ideas.

And now? Well, we are just at the start of what could be a wonderful journey! So… why should we stop now?

The best still have to come and for sure we still need you! Do you wanna join us?



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