About the blog

I started this blog while attending a post-graduate master in Smart Communities Design and Management at the University of Trento.

The blog is mainly thought to keep track of the developments of two specific master’ courses: Education Models and Approaches and Computer Supported Learning and will deal with education related topics. Anyway, in the page “Inspiring me” I will publish some posts that refer to the more general topic of the master.

I would like to go on with this blog in the future since it has been a long time since I started thinking about opening a blog. For this reason, I gave the blog a more generic name, to have the possibility to adapt it better to future content. I called it Inn(or)out?, referring to the word innovation and to the fact that in our times this word seems to be everywhere and to impose changes to survive this world.

I would like this blog to become a space to talk about what is happening in our societies thanks to technologies and to other extremely interesting contemporary phenomena that are pushing toward huge social changes.